MT-35 Manual Tape and Reel Machine

The MT-35 Tape-and-Reel System is engineered for reliable, continuous-duty packaging of surface mount components in an industrial environment. The system handles a wide range of tape sizes and accommodates both heat sealable and pressure sensitive (PSA) tapes. Other advanced features include micro-stepper controlled tape drive, high-reliability optical sensors, touch screen operator panel, independent “floating” sealing shoes, fault condition display and tool - less cover tape changeover.

Easy set-up, combined with rugged industrial grade construction make the MT-35 the perfect solution for high-mix, small lot packaging situations in addition to meeting high-level production requirements.
MT-35 by APT Automation

The operator loads components into tape by hand or with the built-in vacuum wand while utilizing the footswitch to smoothly advance the tape. Optical sensing counts the parts to your pre-set value, and insures that every pocket in your production run is full.

The MT-35 Hi-Res micro stepper tape drive can operate in either continuous feed mode for standard manual loading — or in pocket indexing mode to accommodate a vision inspection camera for checking package orientation or other features.

Inspection Camera
Inspection Camera on MT-35

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Cover tape guide
Unique, quick change cover tape guide for easy
change of tape sizes, no need for additional tooling.

MT-35 Data Sheet

Touch screen control panel with fault condition display