Serving the Electronics/Medical Industries

APT Automation designs and manufactures Manual and OEM Tape/Reel Machines, JEDEC/thermoformed Tray Handling Equipment, and Tape Peel Force Analyzers.

Our Tape/Reel machines and Peel Strength Analyzers are ideal production tools for component manufacturers, EMS and in-house circuit assemblers, contract taping firms and value added distributors.

Our Tray Handling products are available as single function modules, or as totally integrated sub-systems for in-house machine builders, OEMs and systems integrators. Features include self contained controls, top-side loading and un-loading and easy integration into a host system.

Our long experience and advanced designs allow us to provide the highest quality, full featured equipment at reasonable pricing.

We invite you to visit us for a demonstration of our products and to discuss how APT might be of help to you in reaching your objectives.

Click on the video above to see two of APT's Tray Handling Systems in operation. Learn more on the
T-300 and T-320 pages.